6th May 2021

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, McKinsey Global Institute

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Réseau express métropolitain (REM) Samuel De Champlain Bridge Turcot Project

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2021 G11 Summit: Project of the Future


Capital projects and infrastructure have always played a critical role as a foundation for a competitive and healthy business and living environment. Given the economic and public-health impacts of COVID-19, the importance of collaborating to deliver quality projects on time and on budget has only increased.

In 2012, the Global Infrastructure Initiative (GII) was established as a forum for global leaders to collectively tackle the challenges facing the industry. In the nine years since our inception, GII has grown from our first 150-person Summit in Istanbul to a thriving community of more than 6,000 global leaders engaging from across sectors and the entire value chain.

In April 2021, GII convened its seventh global Summit, bringing together more than 500 leaders from 18 of the G20 nations, which collectively represent 87 percent of global GDP. Attendees’ organizations are representative of the broadly defined $11.6 trillion global infrastructure industry, including those who plan, finance, build, and operate capital projects and infrastructure from sectors such as transportation, energy, and real estate. This assemblage strives to shape the future of infrastructure and capital projects.

This year’s Summit put four pillars front and center: digital and analytics transformation, collaborative project delivery, leadership and workforce development, and future-proofing infrastructure. This report recaps the best ideas of the 2021 GII Summit and shares the voices and perspectives of leaders from across geographies and sectors.