20th July 2017

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Data & Statistics Research paper


, Association for Project Management

Major Project



Owen Anthony

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Academia Consultants Contractors Leadership teams Operators Private sector clients Public sector clients

How can we hand over projects better?


This APM Research Fund study seeks to answer the question: How can we hand over projects better? How do we improve the transition of a project from the project team delivering in a project life cycle to the end users’ business as usual activities, to ensure the realisation of the benefits the project set out to achieve?

Handing over projects from the project phase to the business as usual environment is often perceived as the end of the job by project practitioners and the start of the job by the end users who will be assuming the management responsibility afterwards. The output of this research is to capture lessons learned and success factors from projects that have completed that transition (some more successfully than others) and share these with the project management community in the hope that it will help more projects to handover successfully