2nd November 2020

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Artificial Intelligence Impact in Project Management


Considering the disruptive power of AI, the study of AI adoption process is becoming more and more relevant. Several studies were already undertaken aiming to identify the associated factors acting as drivers and barriers, challenges that the organizations should face with and the impact on the overall performance. But only few studies are focusing on the AI adoption in managerial activities, and especially in project management.

AI can also be used to analyse disparate and ‘big’ data with greater speed and deriving to actionable insights. In this way, in a world moving with such a rapid pace, empowerment is coming to improve the speed, quality and accuracy of major decision-making processes.In this report, we highlight insights of how AI will transform the practice of project management and examine the characteristics of future project managers and organisations. Next steps should be defined for the organisations “today” to prepare for “tomorrow” where AI and humans will work together, creating the capability of a system to take advantage of environment to achieve a goal.