20th February 2018

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, Co.Cre8



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A Behavioural Based Approach to Productivity – Construction Industry Workshop Highlights Report


The January 2018 Co.Cre8 workshop addressed the continuing failure of the construction industry to generate a sustainable improvement in productivity. To that end, the workshop proposed a model of Behavioural Based Productivity, an idea that draws on the success the industry has had in developing a positive safety culture, on the basis of three key principles: i) Autonomy – give people the authority to effect change; ii) Mastery – provide people with the training and means to get good at doing work safely; and iii) Purpose – create a common sense of purpose – the why.

The key take-aways explore the need to change our understanding of and the tone behind productivity improvement; to generate engagement across the workforce; and build and use an evidence-base to support the value of the change.