1st March 2019

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, Infrastructure and Projects Authority

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Best Practice in Benchmarking


In December 2017, the IPA set out an ambitious plan for transforming infrastructure and the construction sector over the long term through its Transforming Infrastructure Performance (TIP) programme. As part of TIP, the IPA established a dedicated unit to support benchmarking initiatives with the aim of embedding a consistent approach to benchmarking across major infrastructure projects and programmes.

Benchmarking for infrastructure projects, for example in the Case study: Benchmarking tunnelling costs and production rates in the UK, involves using data from other projects to better inform project development and decision making throughout a project’s lifecycle.

This document introduces the IPA’s recommended methodology for benchmarking and includes a step-by-step guide to undertaking, or commissioning, a benchmarking exercise. It sets out why sponsors and delivery bodies, such as Government Departments and Arm’s-Length Bodies (ALBs), and consultants and suppliers, could benefit from using benchmarking to improve project performance.