11th July 2021

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Major Projects Association Report


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Building Transferable Skills – Lessons learned from Nuclear Decommissioning


nicolas-hippert-C82jAEQkfE0-unsplashThe Nuclear Decommissioning sector has gained many lessons learned in the last decade as it has made progress to safely and securely decommissioning the UK’s legacy nuclear infrastructure.

Using case studies from the delivery of a number of projects from across this challenging and highly regulated environment, this seminar explored the lessons from the past and how they can be built into improving future delivery strategies of all major programmes.

With a focus around the key themes of programme management, collaboration and integration, community engagement and addressing the skills shortage gap, the event was designed both for those within and outside the nuclear sector as we heared from a range of stakeholders and encouraged attendees to reflect together on how these lessons could be applied within their member organisations.

Highlights Report – Building Transferable Skills (Open Access)