14th May 2021

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Climate and Sustainability: Delivering Net Zero


max-kukurudziak-2Tj_aI8yYSM-unsplashMajor Projects Association members are conscientious organisations committed to the UK Government’s ambitious goal of net zero carbon by 2050 – a fantastic step in the right direction. There is recognition that the greatest impact upon the world climate emergency is from the carbon footprint associated with the major projects we deliver, not just from our own operational footprint.

These reports from the April 2021 seminar highlighted the steps that the Major Projects Association, Sustainability Ambassadors and members are taking on their journey to delivering net zero at both a company level and a project level.

The following themes emerged:

  1. Collaboration and cooperation are key.
  2. Companies need to extend carbon reduction
    thinking from operations to capital.
  3. Client-led approaches drive comprehensive changes
    of approach and delivery of lower carbon outcomes.
  4. Hold onto the bigger corporate social responsibility picture.