5th October 2020

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Case study Lessons learned report


, Crossrail Ltd

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Bernard Fanning MAPM

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Digitisation of Signalling and Train Test Log Observations


At the beginning of the Testing and Commissioning phase Crossrail anticipated 6 months of Dynamic Testing, 5 days a week, and required quick insights to testing observations on site. Existing processes were archaic and it wasn’t easy to get visibility of testing observations from site to management in a timely manner. The solution developed and implemented was an app for testers to log observations live from site on their mobile or tablets which worked offline and fed the data, once connected to an internet source, into an online visualisation tool. It was known as the Testing Information Management System (TIMS).

Both the app and dashboards could be configured to meet the end user requirements. The implementation of the TIMS took 4 weeks to implement and enabled

  • More efficient test logging which was less costly as engineers were reviewing logs not processing data
  • Improved quality and integrity of information
  • Identification of headlines suitable for management attention
  • Timely management intervention

Subsequently other Crossrail teams noted the benefits of the app and dashboards and adopted it in their areas. These included off-site testing and testing logistics and management.