20th January 2018

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Case study


, Crossrail Ltd

Major Project



Steve Crofts BScCMIOSH

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Public sector clients

Health and Safety Performance Index (HSPI )


The Health and Safety Performance Index (HSPI) is Crossrail’s leading indicator measurement programme, focussed on Crossrail’s 6 Target Zero Pillars, which are considered the foundation for good health and safety management.  These are; Leadership; Behaviour; Design for Health and Safety; Communications; Workplace Health; Workplace Safety and Performance Improvement.

The HSPI score is made up of two measures in each of the 6 Target Zero pillars; the periodic Leading Indicator Performance score (measuring ‘effort’ in terms of inputs/ activities) and the latest Gateway score (measuring ‘effectiveness’ as an output of their activities).

This case study outlines the various phases of the HSPI, as it developed as a tool, capturing what worked well and where changes were required.

The HSPI has changed the way contractors look at performance measurement. Although there is still a focus on the end goal ‘Target Zero’ on a period-by-period basis, the focus has shifted to proactive activity. Healthy competition has developed between the different contracts and each has strived to identify opportunities to improve their performance.

This case study is relevant to all major projects or large companies who monitor health and safety performance of their supply chain, a wide number of contracts/contractors, divisions or departments.