27th March 2020

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Case study


, University of New Orleans Transportation Institute

Major Project

Hurricane Katrina-Rita Recovery Planning


James R. Amdal

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Academia Consultants Contractors Operators Private sector clients Public sector clients

Post Hurricane Katrina-Rita Planning, Recovery and Resiliency, New Orleans, Louisiana 2005-2011


Since the focus of this paper is urban resiliency, the author discusses its role both in the New Orleans’ history and in its recovery. He concludes with a brief overview of New Orleans in late 2011 and answers the following questions in the context of the continuing saga:
– How did New Orleans originally use resiliency as it grew and developed?
– How did the 2005 Hurricanes affect Louisiana and New Orleans?
– How did the country, the state and the city respond to the massive destruction?
– How was resiliency incorporated into the plans forNO’s reconstruction and repopulation?
– What lessons have we learnedin the intervening years?