12th April 2018

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Research paper


, Association for Project Management

Major Project



Owen Anthony

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Improving Project Handover webinar


Looking at lessons learned from other schemes and sharing success factors that support better handovers of schemes, the emphasis of which is to help projects deliver benefits. On Thursday 12 April, this webinar presentation focussed the on practical ways to improve the transition from project delivery into business as usual.

Billions of pounds are spent globally every year on projects and much has been written and taught about how to manage them as effectively as possible, but if they are not then handed over well, what is the point? Without focusing on how to pass the project into the business as usual/ end user environment, the chances of the project delivering the benefits it was commissioned for in the first place are significantly reduced.

Owen Anthony, Programme Manager at the University of Sheffield, led an APM research fund study which aimed to identify how handovers can be improved. The study drew upon learning from other organisations including Crossrail, The Ministry of Defence, Mediacity and many others. The purpose of the talk is to share the findings of the research report, along with some practical tips and recommendations that can be applied to projects to improve their handover.