3rd February 2010

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MPA Report


, Major Projects Association

Major Project


Innovation in the Management of Major Projects


The key objective of the seminar was ‘How to recognise innovation and apply it.’
A competitive world requires novel, original solutions to win and perform, but innovation is difficult to both define and manage. For example, can innovation be switched on when it is most needed?
Are some organisations naturally better at being creative? How important is culture, leadership, knowledge and process in developing the winning solution? Are there tools and techniques which can help?
Although there is a tendency to think of innovation in terms of product and processes, the term and the skill can be applied to the many disciplines throughout the project life cycle: strategy, marketing, finance, legal, design, operations, supply chain and change. All of these can make a real difference to
project success.
Through presentations covering examples of outstanding innovation based on a number of case histories, the seminar discussed what differentiates these from similar projects, for instance making them faster, cheaper or more successful.
The event provided delegates with an up to date view of best practice, and how innovation might be applied to their businesses and projects.