5th March 2020

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Knowledge Management Leaders 2020


Following on from the November 2019 Knowledge Leaders conference, this Briefing report explores exactly who is leading knowledge management (KM) functions in large law firms in 2020, what their priorities are and where firms are positioning them. Our data encompasses 122 law firms, with revenues from £18.5m up to £1.9bn, clearly covering a range of different market positions and strategies. We set out to answer three main questions about who KM leaders are in this report: job title and consequent seniority (pp6-7), where people are joining their firms from (pp14-15) and how gender-diverse knowledge functions are when it comes to leaders (p18). However, we also set out to get a more in-depth picture of other aspects of KM leaders’ jobs going into 2020: this includes a number of factors, including what’s top of the priority list, remit and responsibilities, who their key collaborators are, the importance of engagement and what skillsets are needed for the future of knowledge.