Lessons from a Major IT Project


Pension Credit went live on 7 April 2003, after a high-profile IT project to develop a brand new front-end system for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to promote and manage uptake. Existing systems were adapted at the back end to pay the benefit. The new Pension Credit replaced the old Minimum Income Guarantee. It was to be more accessible, user-friendly and above all more generous in its terms.Around 2 million pensioners already on the earlier benefit would automatically qualify for Pension Credit while a further 1 million customers would hopefully be brought into the fold. There was real doubt as to whether the IT industry could deliver a significant public-sector IT project successfully. A vast amount of political capital rested on Pension Credit. This was a project initiated by the Chancellor of the Exchequer who had set a very tight timescale. But could it be done? MPA seminar Lessons from a Major IT Project gives an insider view of a demanding and complex project that succeeded against the odds.