8th May 2021

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Levelling Up : How Major Projects are Tackling Social and Economic Inequalities


The Major Projects Association/Infrastructure and Projects Authority webinar on 28th April 2021, sought to build a shared understanding of the implications and potential of the Government’s levelling up policy on infrastructure. The event featured presentations on Transport for the North from TfN’s Interim Strategy and Programme Director, Tim Foster and from Helen Boyle, Regional Development Manager at Cadent Gas, on the Hynet Project. The subsequent discussion panel then add the voices of Nick Smallwood, CEO at the IPA; Fiona Woolston, Group Account Director at Copper Consultancy; Emma Degg, Chief Executive North West Business Leadership Team; and Andrew Meaney, Partner, Head of Transport at Oxera.

Associated Resources

Project Pace: Accelerating Major Projects

Recording of our December 2020 shared webinar with IPA

Transforming Infrastructure Performance

2017 Report from the Infrastructure and Projects Authority

The Northern Powerhouse Independent Economic Review

The Review looked to understand the scale, nature and causes of the North’s gaps, distinctive ‘capabilities’ (pan-Northern collectives of sectoral, academic, skills and hard asset strengths of international substance) and future growth prospects for the area.

TfN Future Travel Scenarios – just nominated for a CIHT award!

Transport for the North are using a scenarios approach to understand and respond to the future uncertainty of how people will interact with the transport system in years ahead. This will inform the future of transport debate, and help  design transport strategies which are adaptive and resilient to a range of different plausible futures.

Technical Assurance, Modelling and Economics | TAME – Transport for the North

TAME stands for Technical Assurance, Modelling and Economics. They provide the evidence base for Transport for the North’s (TfN’s) long-term plans to use transport to connect the towns and cities of the North to create a more productive economic area.

The HyNet North West Project

Establishing at least one low-carbon cluster by 2030, and the world’s first net-zero carbon industrial cluster by 2040 is a key mission in the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy. HyNet North West is ready to meet these goals and create a low-carbon exemplar cluster which can act as a UK model for clean growth.

Copper Consultancy Research: Attitudes to Infrastructure in Brexit Britain

How is government going to use infrastructure to show that Brexit can make a real difference to people’s lives?

Reshaping Towns and Cities in a post-COVID world: Building back smarter

How cities in the UK and across the world are reimagining urban life and using their post-pandemic recovery plans to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis

Levelling Up: Making Investment Appraisal Fit for Purpose

If the Government is to achieve its levelling up objective, the implementation of policies needs also to be accompanied by an evolution in the way in which investment appraisal works. The key means for doing this is through modifications to the HM Treasury Green Book and the way in which Government, and indeed everyone else, uses it

North West Business Leadership Team

The NWBLT brings together leaders of national and international businesses with substantial commitments and interests in the North West of England. Working together they seek to lead, inspire and harness the power of business to help deliver sustainable prosperity for the region.

Oxera Reports

The Oxera series of reports aim to enable better decision making through finance and economics and cover a variety of infrastructure and development themes.