30th March 2009

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Major Projects Association Report


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Managing Complexity in Major Projects


Complexity’ means many things to many different organisations, and is rapidly becoming one of those overused yet much misunderstood pieces of terminology. It can include the multifaceted nature of stakeholders, diversity of requirements, the intricacies of multi-level systems design and architecture,
and the challenges of integration, test and acceptance.
These complexities translate into major change programmes as projects go into service and transition into the operational phase. They are overlaid by complex financing, contracting, ownership and organisational issues as well as the management of extended supply chains, alliances and partnerships.
All these factors shape the way in which projects should be procured and managed. Through presentations covering a range of past and current delivery programmes, this seminar explored the challenges and the solutions to handling complexity in major projects in the military, health, air traffic management, vehicle licensing and rail sectors.