22nd January 2019

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Good Practice Document Guidance


, Metalogue Consulting

Major Project


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Leadership teams Operators

Organizational Transformation: Fateful Framings


The language of transformation has become commonplace in organisations. However, transformations are difficult and challenging endeavours and the available evidence indicates that success rates are low.

The purpose of this research was to investigate the practice of organisation transformation and to develop practical insights that are grounded in the experience of those who are leading or doing transformation work.

According to Metalogue Consulting, the Report’s Authors, organisation transformation involves most or all of the following characteristics:

– Radical, discontinuous or fundamental in nature;

– Change in the organisation’s form and / or function;

– Comprehensive, affecting everyone and all parts of an organisation; •

– Enduring over time (i.e. not temporary);

– Discovery or invention of new products or services, and a reformulation of the purpose or operations of the organisation.