23rd July 2019

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Data & Statistics Research paper


, Urban Land Institute

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Andrea CarpenterRobert de Jong

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Picture of health: The growing role of wellbeing in commercial real estate investment decision-making


Providing a workspace that promotes better health and wellbeing has become a fast-adopted trend within the UK real estate industry. It is being embraced by building owners and developers despite little concrete evidence yet that incorporating wellbeing features can increase rents or a building’s liquidity. The momentum for the trend is part of wider changes in the workspace towards flexibility and shared space, as well as companies looking for improved office environments as a way to meet the expectations of the younger generations in the competition for talent.

This report summarises the conclusions of research carried out by ULI UK that looks at how different parts of the real estate industry are factoring health and wellbeing into their investment decisions. It is based on a survey as well as 17 interviews with a range of participants including investors, developers,und managers, consultants, valuers, and analysts. Five case studies from the UK and continental Europe also demonstrate many of the ideas currently being incorporated by tenants and building owners.