15th May 2021

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Productivity – The Performance Lifecycle


The need to increase productivity and boost value for money is an ongoing challenge for major and mega projects. Simply put, productivity is a measure of the effectiveness of the use of resources. But this concept can be difficult to apply to major projects.

While the ability to measure volume of a product generated for every unity (e.g. labour and capital) provides vital insight for improving a manufacturing process, it may be less useful for a major programme trying to create different types of value and deliver a strategic outcome for its sponsors.

The reports from this Major Projects Association event in February 2021 cast light on the challenge, and examine progress being made by the construction and infrastructure sector to boost productivity using standardisation and manufacturing-style production systems. The reports also explore ways to redefine and reframe the way productivity is being measured across the project life cycle, and suggest
new ways that the sector might accelerate its path towards better outcomes.

Highlights Report: Productivity – the Performance Lifecycle