11th March 2021

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Lessons learned report


, Houses of Parliament Restoration and Renewal

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Houses of Parliament Restoration and Renewal

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Restoration and Renewal Programme: Strategic Review


In 2020, the Sponsor Body conducted a Strategic Review of the Restoration and Renewal Programme. Such Reviews are an established pillar of best practice for major programmes.

Restoration and Renewal ProgrammeBy undertaking the review at this point, we were able to test whether anything has changed so significantly as to warrant a change in approach, and we have been able to bring forward new ideas and approaches which will ensure value for money and positive outcomes.

The review has set out a clear range of objectives for the programme, based on the views of both Members of Parliament and members of the public, who gave us detailed feedback at a series of UK-wide deliberative panels.

The review has also brought forward further clarity about governance and accountabilities for the programme, to ensure clear direction and management.