20th January 2018

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Crossrail Ltd

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Risk Management Plan


Managing risk and uncertainty is vital to the successful delivery of Crossrail. This Risk Management Plan describes the activities, governance, roles, responsibilities and process which are required to ensure that Crossrail manages its risks effectively. It forms part of a consistent suite of documentation which describes Crossrail’s risk management approach.

The purpose of this document is to provide a high level overview and description of the Crossrail’s approach to risk management. This Risk Management Plan includes:

– A high level overview and description of the Crossrail risk management process;
– Description of the high level roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for managing risk;
– Description of Crossrail’s risk management governance arrangements;
– Description of risk management interfaces;
– A summary of Crossrail’s risk appetite and the escalation procedure; and
– Description of the purpose, frequency and scope of risk reporting.