24th March 2020

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, Royal Docks

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Royal Docks

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Royal Docks Public Realm Framework


Within the Royal Docks lies potential for a sustainable, healthier and inclusive community that celebrates and champions city life. Bringing together the best current and emerging creative talent, the project will put placemaking and design at the heart of the plans. By taking a people-first approach, it will elevate the status of the Royal Docks and will set the stage for international, regional, local audiences and communities to live, work and play.

Building on the Royal Docks Team work to understand the aspirations and economic potential for the Royal Docks, this document sets out the need for a coherent Public Realm Framework to overcome the long term cultural and economic barriers that have held back success.We are working with community, stakeholders and partners to establish a joint vision that will be more than the sum of its parts; a well-connected, well designed, accessible place for residents, businesses and visitors.This framework sets out the steps needed to deliver:

– coherent connections across the area that will help to overcome physical and perceived barriers;
– site-specific interventions that support the economic and social aspirations of the Royal Docks Enterprise Zone Delivery Plan;
– an integrated and consistent approach to lighting, wayfinding, landscape and material palette to improve cyclist and pedestrian experience of the place and facilitate movements across the area;
– a comprehensive masterplan for the water as the foundation for its future accessibility and community and commercial use.

Over the next ten years and beyond, the development of the Royal Docks will deliver transformational change through investment and is the framework for that change.