16th May 2019

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, Network Rail Ltd

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Thameslink Programme

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Thameslink: Offsite Manufacturing of Roof Canopies


With the after effects of Mark Farmer’s 2016 government review still rippling through the industry today, several main contractors are now making offsite fabrication a requirement on all large-scale projects – a trend that will undoubtedly become an ever-increasing focus in the future. This methodology is by no means new, however with construction output on the increase and clients looking to appoint project partners that can truly add value to the process – it comes as no great surprise that the use of offsite manufacturing is increasing.

Prater incorporated elements of offsite manufacturing across several of their projects and are continuing to proactively invest in inhouse factory facilities to further develop their offsite solutions. A fantastic example of the use of this methodology was the development of London Bridge station. The station, which serves 125,000 commuters a day, underwent a major redevelopment programme – a multi-million, six-year-long upgrade that now offers an increased number of routes and destinations with a better travel experience for passengers.