16th May 2019

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Case study Lessons learned report


, Network Rail Ltd

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Thameslink Programme

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Thameslink Subcontractor Technical Interface Review (STiR)


Ensuring physical interfaces were allocated, coordinated and completed correctly first time on site by subcontractors during the London Bridge Station Redevelopment project.

Technical design and assurance standards supported the design development process up to approved for construction status (AFC).

Early construction stages identified interface issues that arose between subcontractors’ packages. Best practice for technical assurance would be to engage sub-contractors at, or before, the interdisciplinary design coordination or review stages (IDC/IDR).

However, this does not always fit public sector procurement rules to get best value in major projects from tendering off a finalised accepted design. The outcome of this staged approach is that packages let separately could allow issues to arise between subcontractors. To address this, the subcontractor design management team on the London Bridge Station Redevelopment (LBSR) project developed the “Subcontractor Technical Interface Review” process – STIR.