17th May 2012

Knowledge Type

MPA Report


, Major Projects Association

Major Project


The Digital World and Major Projects – what will be different?


This half day seminar, chaired by Malcolm Noyce, Executive Director, Major Projects Association, considered how the increasing capabilities and capacities of digital technologies will impact on the way in which major projects are planned and executed in the future. For example, one consequence of the increasing capability to record and monitor events is the potential overload of incoming datasets, which poses the question of how this can be handled. A
further complication is the growing number of media streams by which information and views are gathered, processed and shared. How can we select, analyse and maximise the benefits of new streaming sites?
One specific area covered during the seminar was the use of BIM to improve the manner in which new infrastructure is designed and built. Presentations considered the Government’s BIM initiative, and the use of the technique in the field.