3rd December 2020

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Good Practice Document


, UK Government

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The Government Data Quality Framework


timothy-meinberg-TjpPemeGlCU-unsplash_editedThe extent of the data quality problem within government is poorly understood. Work on data quality is often reactive and not evidence-based. Where quality problems have been identified, the symptoms are often treated instead of the cause, leading to ineffective improvements and wasted resources.

Government needs a more structured approach to understanding, documenting and improving the quality of its data. This framework provides that, through data quality work that is proactive, evidence-based and targeted. It presents a set of principles for effective data quality management, and provides practical advice to support their implementation. While there is no such thing as ‘perfect quality’ data, we must strive for a culture of continuous improvement. All public servants should understand why data quality is important, and feel able to proactively identify and address data quality issues.