15th March 2021

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Technical paper


, Bentley Systems , Major Projects Association

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The Power of Data for Long-Lasting Change


matthew-hall-Fi5NHh3xbuM-unsplashThis report brings together two of the most important topics facing the world of major projects today – the role of major projects in delivering sustainability goals and the massive opportunity offered through data analytics to radically improve project performance. Neither are easy. Firstly, major projects are inherently carbon intensive and secondly, the data required for effective analytics is not easily obtained, as major projects span multiple organisations, each with their individual objectives and separate data strategies. This is why these two topics were featured in recent annual conferences held by the Major Project Association’s members, why we established working groups to tackle them, and why we supported this survey and report.

The report shows an aspiration for major projects to shift from being part of the problem to being a key piece of the solution to addressing climate change and the nature emergency. This report also shows that whilst progress is being made, the world of major projects is struggling to tackle the barriers preventing data analytics being adopted at pace and to its full potential. To overcome the barriers, we need to transition from a passive adoption of data analytics from general business applications to an active pursuit of data analytics specifically for major projects – some examples of this are highlighted in this report.

To seize the opportunity provided by data analytics to improve the sustainability of project delivery and their outcomes, we need collective leadership, which is why the Major Projects Association will be working with members, the Project Data Analytics task force, and other institutions to facilitate this ahead of COP26 taking place in Glasgow later in 2021.