15th June 2021

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Data & Statistics Research paper


, Centre for Digital Built Britain , KPMG LLP , Atkins plc

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Academia Consultants Contractors Operators Private sector clients Public sector clients

The Value of Information Management in the Construction and Infrastructure Sector


This report Value of Information Managementcommissioned by the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Digital Built Britain (CDBB) as a partner of the Construction Innovation Hub and produced by KPMG and Atkins, found evidence of strong organisational benefits that could be enabled by IM.

Analysis of 11 case studies found that the use of IM could potentially secure between £5.10- £6.00 of direct labour productivity gains for every £1 invested in IM, and £6.90 in total cost savings. The evidence also suggests IM could enable cost savings across different stages of the asset lifecycle, ranging from 1.6 percent to 18 percent, depending on the lifecycle stage.

The report also found that implementing IM in the construction and infrastructure sector today could potentially unlock wider benefits across the whole economy in the future. The study’s analysis of hypothetical scenarios of sector-wide adoption of IM suggest that every £1 of direct productivity gain today (2021) in the design, construction and maintenance of built assets could potentially translate into £3.70 in annual UK GDP in 2051.