15th May 2019

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Case study Lessons learned report


, Network Rail Ltd

Major Project

Thameslink Programme

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Recruiting and Training for Maintenance on the Thameslink Programme


This case study considers the recruitment and training that was required across the enhanced Thameslink route to ensure that the increased service frequency was backed up by a strong and responsive maintenance team. This would be the only way to maintain the reliability of the Thameslink railway consistently at the level required.

There were two requirements. Firstly, the existing workforce had to be trained in the maintenance of the new assets. Secondly, there was the recruitment of new people to supplement the existing maintenance teams plus their training as well.

The frequency of service on the Thameslink route required a team of technicians who could be mobilised quickly, could find, isolate and fix any railway faults safely and have the right equipment and railway access that they needed to maintain a high performing asset.