21st May 2021

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Wellbeing – The Major Projects Performance Accelerator


Wellbeing highlightsAs we move out of the Covid-19 crisis, high-performing teams will be central to the UK’s ability to deliver the increasing number of major projects needed to underpin economic and social recovery. However, the pandemic has demonstrated the importance of maintaining the health and wellbeing of team members and highlighted that an increased focus on wellbeing could be the project performance accelerator we seek.

This Major Projects Association debate looked at wellbeing as a principal factor that can positively influence productivity and performance. While it is clear that developing and embedding wellbeing throughout an organisation can help people to feel motivated
and empowered to do their job better, the discussion challenged the sector to go further and place wellbeing at the heart of delivery.

A number of key themes emerged as the discussion evolved including:

• Recognising the changing demands on project delivery professionals
• Work as an enabler for health and wellbeing
• Life-work balance versus work-life balance
• Understanding true wellbeing performance
• People at the centre of decision-making

Highlights Wellbeing – the Major Projects Performance Accelerator