29th August 2019



Sustainability and the Circular Economy

The Major Projects Association conference this year has the theme:

Embedding sustainability and the circular economy in major projects – the opportunity and the challenge

It’s a huge subject and one that speaks to every organization and every major project. In anticipation of the event, we invited a number of the speakers to share their two pennyworth on how they or their organizing are rising to the challenge and what they would advocate other organizations might do to get started:

Michele Dix, Managing Director of Crossrail 2, describes: 1. how the project established and embedded a sustainability policy in their delivery plan from Day One; 2. and how Crossrail is using a carbon footprint to understand and reduce it’s carbon impact.

Robert Spencer from AECOM advocates that you consider sustainable development as early as possible in project planning – ideally as part of the appraisal. Take a focus on the most critical and urgent issue – the climate emergency and look at your project in the light of the 2050 zero emissions scenario. How does the lifecycle of what you are creating impact over the next 5, 10 or 30 years?

Ed Davey, Project Director at the World Resources Institute, explains the organization’s approach to sustainability in major projects: count it, change it, scale it. Assess the extent of your carbon footprint; work out a theory of change and the actions associated with it; and then integrate these actions across your business.

Alistair Blackmore, Product Strategy Manager at UL Environment and Sustainability, explains the importance of a science-based approach to sustainability and suggests a starting point: engage your stakeholders and understand how they see the issue.

Gilli Hobbs, Director at BRE’s Building Performance Group explains some of the ways in which the organization addresses sustainability and what she advocates companies can do to kick off sustainable projects.

Make a note to come back to this page from time to time, as we’ll add new videos as they are approved.