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Scott Smith

Senior Associate/Sustainability Expert, DAR Group

Scott is Senior Associate/Sustainability Expert for DAR Group


What does sustainability mean to me?

As head of the London Sustainability Team for Dar, Sustainability for me can be a multi-faceted term.  Sustainability drives excellence in our engineering and architectural solutions to achieve efficient use of resources (energy, water, materials) for the built environment and urban designs. Sustainability requires me to provide advice on the impact of Climate Change and putting in place adaptable and mitigating measures to limit its impact. Sustainability ensures that Dar’s projects maximises social cohesion and enhance the urban environment though ensuring the right balance of green space, schools, hospitals, shopping/office districts and housing.  Sustainability requires that the economic impact of projects are understood with a view to create jobs, sustained economic growth, as well as, looking to promote economic systems (Circular Economy) to reduce waste and create new economic opportunities.   Therefore “Sustainability” does not mean one thing but takes on a variety of definitions and meanings depending on the context, with the ultimate goal of making the World a better place.