20th March 2020


Knowledge Campaign

Virtual activities and events

We’ll collate and share virtual activities and events that are available to you to help:

1. understand, mitigate and adapt to the impacts of the pandemic

2. use the enforced period of social isolation to learn and reflect

3. network and sustain yourself


Preparing for Projects in a Post Pandemic World

This series of webinars organized in collaboration with the Association for Project Management provides is with the opportunity to explore with you what will we have learned about ourselves, our projects and our world going forward, once the COVID 19 Pandemic is behind us? How will our approach to projects need to change to reflect the new behaviours, attitudes and understanding of strategic risks that have grown up over the intervening months?

Project Discussions in a World in Crisis

My good friend, collaboration partner and author, Antonio-Nieto Rodriguez launched a series of conversations on Sunday 22 March for anyone involved in project delivery, which I took part in. There will be a number of these initiatives happening but Antonio as an ex-Chairman of PMI and a member of the Thinkers 50 has perhaps the richest and most diverse personal network of anyone I know. Why not join us for the next discussion?

PMO Working from Home

PMO Flashmob and HotPMO will be hosting a weekly call for any PMO practitioner who is working from home – every Wednesday at 3pm for the foreseeable future. It’s a weekly escape from climbing the walls – an opportunity to check-in for a bit, have a chat, listen to the latest, a few lightning talks, stuff like that. So that’s a weekly chat and catch up – working from home – weekly from home – it’s a survival call every Wednesday afternoon at 3pm for an hour.

Bentley Institute Virtual Classroom

Bentley Systems offer a rich programme of webinars covering all things digital, from BIM to Visualization. The events are hosted in multiple time-zones so be careful to choose something that fits with your daytime calendar.


Covid 19: Applying Operational Risk Management Thinking

Although this series of weekly live webinars on the key operational risk issues is nominally aimed at Financial Services, I am confident that it will be highly relevant to any large organization involved in major projects.   


Navigating Covid19: Association of Consulting Engineers

A range of government, policy and business experts will join Hannah Vickers over the five hour-long episodes including representatives of BEIS, CECA and the Federation of Master Builders.



April 8th (12.30-13.30 BST) Webinar: Discovery-Led Decision Making for Wicked Times, Major Projects Knowledge Hub in collaboration with Association for Project Management

Making strategic decisions is a fundamental skill for leaders and managers. Now, more than ever, making appropriate strategic decisions has never been more difficult. Discovery-led decision-making addresses this challenge by providing a framework for making sound decisions in an uncertain world. Based on the core concepts of Framing, Testing and Scaling, this approach ensures that efforts are focused where the need is greatest, that interventions are tested, evaluated and revised and that successful initiatives are effectively rolled out across the business. Delivered by Ben Shenoy.


April 8th (17.00-18.00 BST) PMI UK Webinar: A Value-Based Business Case

  • The 3 iterations of the business case (Strategic Outline Case, Outline Business Case and Full Business Case)
  • The 5 ‘chapters’, taken from the HM Treasury Better Business CasesTM model
  • How benefits management is the thread through every iteration and chapter
  • Which benefits management products to use in each chapter


April 14th (12.00-13.00 BST) PMI UK Webinar: Benefits Realisation Management: Bridging the gap between strategy design and value delivery

In this new era of maxim disruption and constant flux, organisations can no longer afford to waste money on the wrong projects or poor handover. Instead, they must ensure that all investments, are managed as a coherent portfolio of change initiatives for which an integrated benefits realisation management capability at a strategic-level – such as an Enterprise PMO or Transformation Office – is key.


14th April (12.30-13.30) APM Webinar: Communicating in Uncertain Times

In this APM People SIG webinar, you will learn the principles of good communication planning, plus tips for communicating in times of certainty.

The webinar will take you through a simple planning process including objective setting, stakeholder analysis plus measurement and evaluation.

Projects are always about change and there is always an element of ambiguity as plans develop and change. However, now more than ever we need to be able to communicate clearly and confidently, even if we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

April 15th (12.00-13.00 BST) Webinar: Framing Strategy When Emerging from a Crisis, Major Projects Knowledge Hub in collaboration with Association for Project Management

If hundreds of stakeholders are required to implement a strategy then it is essential that they all understand it and know exactly what they need to do. Succinct strategy language and format is crucial.

If dozens or even hundreds of stakeholders are required to implement a strategy then it is essential that they can all understand it and know exactly what they need to do. The simple yet rigorous OpenStrategies system creates and validates such strategies.


April 16th (17.30-19.00 BST) QUBE@Work Workshop on Inclusive Design

We’ve been running these bi-monthly 90 minute sessions on QUBE for 18 months now. If you haven’t experienced what Financial Times called the “Innovative virtual world from Pentacle the Virtual Business School.” now would seem like a wonderful opportunity to do so.


April 16th (11.00-12.00 BST) APM Webinar Future Skills, Future Work

Following publication of the sixth and final Challenge Paper in the Projecting the Future (PtF) series, the speaker for this webinar will be Patrick Woodman – an experienced policy expert and Editor of Dialogue Magazine.

Patrick’s expertise has played a vital role in the PtF campaign, and in this webinar he will explore some of the key issues highlighted by the Challenge Paper, including: what are the changes taking place in the world of work? What are their implications for the skills needed for success, particularly in the project profession? And how should the profession respond to meet the needs of the future?


21st April (12.00-13.00 BST) PMI UK Webinar: Building the Skills of a Resilient Project Team

Whilst many project organizations focus effort on lessons learned and avoiding past mistakes, a resilient project organization is one that is based on equipping its project teams to learn for the future. Jonathan Norman, Major Projects Knowledge Hub Manager, shares what we have learned from three years of collaborative knowledge sharing.


22nd April (11.30-12.30) APM Webinar: Ageing and Demographics – the 100 year life

You are invited to join this exclusive webinar, where we will focus on the ageing and demographics challenge, from projecting the future.

This webinar will examine the rise in human longevity and the changing demographics facing the UK and many other nations around the world. It is a story of incredible progress in healthcare, in economic development and in the lifting of living standards globally – yet it is also a trend that raises complex issues.



13th May (15.00-16.00 BST) Transforming Construction N+ Webinar: Managing Unknown-Unknowns in Project Management

Featuring Professor Tyson Browning and Dr Alicia Hennig and moderated by Professor Jan Godsell, the webinar will consider the unknown-unknowns in project management, these critical surprises that have not been and could not have been imagined or anticipated. Reflecting on key lessons and leading practices from an operations and supply chain perspectives, speakers will discuss how to identify and tackle these unknown-unknowns to improve project management, in construction and other types of major projects.


13th May (18.30-19.30 BST) PMI UK Webinar: Insights from the A14 Road Project – Digital Transformation Initiative of the Year

The A14 Cambridge to Huntington Improvement Scheme is currently the UK’s largest road construction project. In 2019 the project was recognised in the British Construction Industry Awards for its innovative approach in developing a suite of technology tools forming a ‘digital twin’ of the delivery phase.


28th May (12.00-13.00 BST) PMI UK Webinar: Making Sense of Value

Value can be defined as a ratio between the alignment with stakeholders’ expected benefits and the achievability of the proposed solutions. The Value ratio is also the basis for business analysis techniques like the ROI (Return vs Investment), NPV (Net Present Value) SWOT analysis, and the project management’s Scope and Quality vs Time and Cost. Value management is also strongly linked to creativity and innovativeness which are essential in today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) context.



18th June (17.30-19.00) QUBE@Work: Intelligent Disobedience

Project managers might be seen as the guide dogs of the delivery world. Their job is to take the project forward towards its conclusion but, increasingly, we also rely on them to practise intelligent disobedience; to diverge from what was planned or push back on what is being requested when they feel something is wrong, either with the intent, the project or the external environment. By its very nature, this disobedience is unplanned and unplannable.


Please share details of upcoming virtual events, appropriate for the Major Projects Community and I will post the details her on the Hub.

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